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Augmented Reality is a great new step forward for mobile application development, one that will affect numerous industries and the way they deliver information and conduct their business. Companies seeking a more vivid experience, whether in a training mode, or in a pleasurable ride with enhanced information delivered in real time, will immediately see the benefits Augmented Reality provides. Apple’s ARKit software has paved the way for a new realm of automotive experiential marketing. Now anyone with an iPhone or tablet can enjoy easy access to AR, and the automotive industry in particular has several fronts on which to build automotive AR applications that serve their employees, investors, and drivers across the country.

Augmented Reality allows individuals to use their unique camera viewpoint from their smartphone and interact with a layer of virtual information superimposed onto their world. Intersecting complex information with lived reality will continue to fulfill the need to make experiences engaging and vivid enough to be memorable, and useful beyond any individual session with AR. As Augmented Reality moves into the modern mainstream of application development, the automotive industry can develop an entire spectrum of 3D experiences to bring out the best in their products and services. The possibilities are open with new ways for manufacturers to train staff, with onsite tutorials and guided training for a shorter learning curve. Dealers can give tours of their vehicles, change interiors and other details while their customers stay in one position. Inventory details can be available in real time as one strolls through the lot. Inspectors and technicians can review parts and conduct inspections with graphical and performance specs that appear next to the vehicle, and much more.

DDA is a mobile software development company that has been a leader in the creation of innovative experiential marketing with an extensive background in hybrid media/technology platforms, Virtual Games, Virtual Simulations, database development, VR, and Augmented Reality. This experience has prepared us to take new ideas and create results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

As experienced software developers, DDA focuses on delivering more than just a pleasant and immersive experience. Our studio is unique among developers for our comprehensive set of in-house equipment and technology. We do not outsource our work to outside contractors or subcontractors working abroad. We work closely with our clients to take innovative concepts and bring them to a fully functional reality with substantial, logical, cost effective strategies that prove their value in the marketplace. If you are part of the automotive industry, let us guide you into the exciting new world of Augmented Reality and roll out the next era of experiential marketing.

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