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With so many possibilities for Augmented Reality it’s hard to keep up with the exciting developments. As a leader in experiential marketing and a developer of award winning mobile software applications, DDA is pleased to help guide you through the features and the challenges of this innovative 3D interface. AR has the potential to change the way we shop, learn, and carry out everyday tasks,

and DDA is leading the way forward into this immersive, engaging, and inspiring new world of online data delivery and interactive experiences. DDA’s augmented reality concept for the jewelry industry, Bling Thing, is an excellent example of Augmented Reality’s capability to enhance the experience of shopping, buying, and enjoying valuable products.


The demand for more information when shopping for jewelry has never been greater. While many are enthusiastic about the huge selection and the myriad options, few people are well informed about the many details and the craftsmanship involved in making a fine piece of jewelry. There are the many shapes and types of gemstones, many materials for settings and rings, as well as the many different styles in worldwide jewelry traditions and cultures. DDA’s Bling Thing brings all of this knowledge directly into your smartphone, and offers precise data about the items you encounter during your shopping experience.


More vivid experiences make Augmented Reality highly desirable in cases where photorealism with shadows and reflections are a critical feature of the product, and the pleasure involved in selecting and viewing it. Bling Thing provides this experience, and affords both the shopper and the seller a more convenient, risk free way for customers to try on many different pieces, make comparisons, and acquire detailed information on the items they like best. We think Diadem has the potential to change the way people shop for and enjoy jewelry, with possibilities for increased connoisseurship among the general public, and a new range of product options for vendors.


Bling Thing can perfectly simulate the experience of trying on a piece of jewelry right in your smartphone. When you access Bling Thing through your camera, you can use it like a mirror to try on a number of different pieces. Floating graphics, specifications and can give you a comprehensive set of details about the piece, the materials, the price, comparisons in style with other pieces, and more. You can easily switch out pieces without ever having to try on an actual piece. The effect of today’s photorealistic high resolution graphics is dazzling, and provides an accurate experience of seeing yourself in the mirror with the selected necklace, bracelet, or ring.

DDA is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia. We have a uniquely comprehensive range of professional services under one roof, with a team of professional software designers, programmers, writers, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists. Because we do all of our work in house, without outsourcing, we are able to ensure the highest quality control and integration of all of the features necessary to make a top notch piece of software. Our background in custom mobile software development enables us to take on any challenge, and we can provide custom services for eLearning portals, database management, virtual games, corporate training, and much more. Give us a call or fill out our online request form if you want to discuss Bling Thing, or we can set up a time to discuss how Augmented Reality can enhance your business.

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