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Augmented Reality is a fully immersive 3D environment that can be accessed via apps available on your online or mobile device, and it's likely to be a transformative development for many industries, from entertainment to healthcare and manufacturing. The education and industry training professions will also benefit from the use of Augmented Reality, with its ability to render a photorealistic environment in real time, as well as its capability to display supportive material of all kinds. Combined with interactive tools, AR becomes an educational tool of unprecedented power and effectiveness. The treatment of historical subjects in particular can be presented in a variety of formats and settings, and can optimize the use of Augmented Reality in each application.

For teachers in a classroom setting, Augmented Reality can employ each student's mobile device. From their particular perspective they will be able to access a 3D computer environment that can be layered into their viewpoint. Historical guides can lead them through battlefields and historic landmarks, with support graphics and text that floats interactively inside the setting, as well as audio narration. For those touring historic sites, Augmented Reality will have the power to virtually reconstruct an ancient ruin to its former glory, with photorealistic shadows and reflections that update in real time. In each case, Augmented Reality represents an advance over traditional multimedia, with a new level of simulation, interaction, and multiple information delivery platforms integrated into the landscape. Archaeologists, art and architectural historians, teachers, students, tourists, and hobbyists will all find an exciting world of AR applications that map out the future of the past.

As leading developers of innovative experiential marketing, DDA is ideally situated to guide you through the intricacies of a profitable software development project. We place high priority on client communication, and employ a step-by-step approach that keeps our clients fully informed during the process. We do not outsource any of our work. By providing a large scope of production capabilities under one roof, DDA can deliver a cost effective product that works flawlessly and delivers long lasting value in a fast paced and competitive market. Our team of degreed professionals has the expertise and the experience to assess the needs of any project, select the right tools, design the optimum system for implementation, and incorporate any special feature, whether it includes database management, e-learning portals, or professional graphic design including 3D modeling and animation. If you would like to discuss what Augmented Reality can do for a historic education application or innovative challenge, then we would love to hear from you.

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