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As the world gets accustomed to the many features and possibilities of Augmented Reality, more applications will emerge to make life more informative and exciting. DDA wants people to know just how much AR can do for immersive experiences, and how the frontier ahead can include vital ways for their business to develop new, exciting, and

useful mobile application software. Entertainment and gambling has already enjoyed a major boost through the use of modern technology, and DDA’s Race Horse ID is just one among many ideas DDA has developed to show off Augmented Reality and what it has in store for the future of the racetrack and its millions of yearly visitors.


Horse racing is one of America’s favorite gambling activities, and, like baseball, for over a hundred years stands among our most distinguished and time honored pastimes. The impressive venues around the country will be able to offer visitors an enhanced experience of the sport, one with the potential to revive a type of gambling somewhat eclipsed by the advent of casinos and other venues. With an AR experience of the racetrack, gamblers can add exciting layers into their visit and enjoy it on a whole new level.


Like baseball, statistics are the lifeblood of racetrack betting, and AR will promote a deeper appreciation and a sounder knowledge of the sport for both the amateur and the connoisseur. Racehorse ID will enable racetrack owners to juice up their product and image, with modern features that only serve to support this pastoral and genteel form of gambling, and allow a new generation of racetrack visitors to enjoy both the traditional and the cutting edge facets of the sport. Racetrack ID is poised to provide horse racing with a fresh approach to a venerable time tested sport with graphics and imagery and an augmented entertainment experience.


Because Augmented Reality can layer in both detailed information and 3d photo realistic objects into a smartphone camera view, it has the potential to offer easy access to AR experiences like never before. With Racehorse ID, you can view a horse you’re interested in through your smartphone camera lens, and a range of detailed specs on the horse and jockey can appear in the space around them. You can gather detailed information about both the horse and the jockey’s past performance, the length of time they have trained together, record times, toughest competitors, height, weight, performance under specific weather conditions—in other words, almost any type of data you might need to make an informed decision. You can readily switch from horse to horse prior to a race, identify them in a pack during the race, and examine the details of the win after the race.

DDA is a leader in mobile software application development, having won several awards for our ground-breaking custom software design and implementation. We know how to take innovative ideas to market with maximum impact, efficiency, and performance. Our studio, located in Willow Grove, just outside Philadelphia, is unique in its scope of professional experiential marketing capabilities. DDA’s team of full-time degreed professional are skilled in assembling data, video, audio, and graphic design with 3D animation into a logical and integrated final products with results our clients can track and measure over time. Because all of our work is done in house without outsourcing to other companies, we can ensure that all facets of production; database management, e-learning portals, and custom software design and programming all work together seamlessly. We are excited about Racehorse ID and many of the other ideas we’ve been developing, and we’d love to have a conversation about how Augmented Reality can mesh with your reality.

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