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As the advantages of Augmented Reality's powerful 3D interface are becoming better known, software developers are introducing innovative application concepts across a wide range of industries, institutions, and businesses. DDA is a leading developer of state-of-the-art custom mobile software applications, and we are excited about the possibilities,

from advanced simulations for training, to applications that address the activities and interests of everyday life. One of our new concepts involves recipes, and Augmented Reality will place you in the kitchen and enhance the cooking experience for greater enjoyment and culinary success.


As many more software creators weigh in on the competitive market of food based applications, Augmented Reality will stand out in the field. AR excels in situations where real or virtual tools are used in a concentrated setting. The assembly of a recipe resembles many scenarios where other types of components are assembled, and an AR application that is used to create tasty dishes will be highly useful for both expert and novice cooks.


The possibility of an immersive software application that can accompany you as you assemble a detailed ensemble of dishes will prove to be an invaluable new development in the recipe market. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, you will be able to enjoy the interactive and immersive qualities of AR, and its ability to enhance all types of experiences. A novice can have detailed instructions and achieve proficiency in a much shorter time frame, enabling more people to create dishes that please the palate.


A user will access the recipe application from their mobile device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or a hands-free device. A 3D computer interface adjusts to your camera viewpoint, and updates with vivid photorealistic graphics that adjust shadows and reflections in real time. The setting of your kitchen can be changed to put you in a completely different kitchen environment, and a 3D avatar character of your choice can guide you through the recipe. You can also receive directions through audio prompts, or floating text instructions that appear within the virtual space. Operative arrows and diagrammatic indicators can also be introduced in real time, as you move through a step-by-step process of completing a recipe.

DDA specializes in crafting experiential marketing for a broad spectrum of industries and markets. Our studio is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, and we maintain one of the most extensive skill sets of any software production company anywhere, either nationally or locally. In addition to our 30'x70' soundstage with a professional multimedia suite and a sound booth, DDA's team of highly experienced professionals can take on any innovative software development challenge and turn it into high performance applications that prove their value over time. We apply a strict, logical step-by-step approach that keeps our clients in the loop, and ensures a fully functional system that is easy to edit and maintain. Whether the project requires extensive database management, e-learning portals, or cutting edge graphics, including 3D computer modeling and animation, DDA is ready to exceed your expectations. If you would like to hear more about our recipe application, or if you have an idea you think might be ripe for AR development, we would be pleased to discuss it in detail with you.

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